Best Pricing Guarantee

That’s right we offer the best price Guaranteed!

If you have found another company that has better pricing than us, simply obtain a written detailed quote from that company and provide it to us and we will beat that company and adjust our pricing. That’s how positive we are that we have the best rates available!

*In order to guarantee our pricing, we only beat similar services and products. In other words don’t submit a quote to us on an 8 foot screen and expect that same pricing on a 40 foot screen.


40 x 22 Screen Size

Front or Rear Projection

(3,000 Blankets – 18,000 Standing Viewers)


for the WOW Factor!

Rental Rate $2,000

25 x 14 Screen Size

Front or Rear Projection

(1,000 Blankets – 6,000 Standing Viewers)

Rental Rate $1,500

16 x 9 Screen Size

Front or Rear Projection

(250 Blankets – 1,000 Standing Viewers)

Rental Rate $1,000

9 x 5 Screen Size

(Indoor Use Only)

Front or Rear Projection

(30 Blankets – 250 Standing Viewers)

Rental Rate $750

16 x 9 Screen Size

(Home Parties)

Front or Rear Projection

(250 Blankets – 1,000 Standing Viewers)

Rental Rate $800

12 x 7 Screen Size

(Home Parties)

Front or Rear Projection

(100 Blankets – 500 Standing Viewers)

Rental Rate $600

9 x 5 Screen Size

(Home Parties)

Front or Rear Projection

(30 Blankets – 250 Standing Viewers)

Rental Rate $400


Above pricing is based on a single movie which normally runs 90 minutes – 120 minutes. If you’re interested in putting on a Double Feature there is an additional charge of $300. Same with Video Gaming, above pricing is for 2 hours of gaming and additional hours of gaming can be purchased at $150 per hour.


Popcorn Machine 16oz Kettle with 50 Servings


Popcorn 50 Additional Servings


Bottled Water 50 Servings with Ice & Ice Chest


Generator with Gas


Staff Member To Run The Popcorn Machine


Folding Table


LED Lighting



Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

Celestial Nights Family Entertainment offers both in & outdoor movie rentals that are perfect for corporate events, PTA’s, schools, pools, apartments, neighborhoods, park & recreation departments, graduation parties, birthday parties and more.

Outdoor movie equipment rentals are the HOT NEW RAGE. Imagine watching movies, playing video games, enjoying the best seat in the house all on a HUGE inflatable movie screen rental.

You and your crowd will be amazed with the quality & the enormous size of our inflatable movie screen rentals!  We are prompt, friendly & professional and you can trust your outdoor movie night will be a smashing hit with us!


Video Gaming

Just think of Wii Bowling or XBOX360 Guitar Hero on a 9 foot x 5 foot screen. BETTER YET, imagine it on a 40 foot x 22 foot screen!

Treat your family and friends to an outdoor gaming experience like nothing they have ever seen before. Anyone can play at home on televisions ranging from 32 inch – 73 inches with factory speakers. Maybe you even have a projector in your house with a 10 foot screen and surround sound. Well then, it’s time to raise the bar and make jaws drop by setting up one of our larger screens and concert like audio system.

You will be the talk and envy of the neighborhood!

This is a great team builder for youth groups, fun for corporate events, communities or for the parents who want the best party for their kids!


Typical Event Time Line

2 hrs. before event: Arrive and Setup

1 hr. before event: all systems are checked and screen is inflated

½ hr. before event: music, your sponsor’s ads, games etc project onto the screen

10 minutes before event: announcements, host greeting and final projector calibration


DJ Services

Weekday Rentals No Lighting (Sunday – Wednesday) $250

Weekend Rentals No Lighting (Thursday – Saturday) $450

Weekday Rentals With Truss & Smart Lighting (Sunday – Wednesday) $450

Weekend Rentals With Truss & Smart Lighting (Thursday – Saturday) $650

* Above pricing includes 1 hr. setup, 2 hrs. event time, 1 hr. take down.

** Additional hours may be purchased at $100 per hr.



Screen copyrighted movies at any event requires a public performance license. Obtaining a public performance license is a fairly simple process. Although Celestial Nights Family Entertainment cannot purchase the license for you, we can direct you to the proper licensing entities. Below you will find the links to the two motion picture licensing companies.

The two companies are not competitors, they simply represent different production companies.

If you need any assistance in choosing the movie title for your event, please let us know and we would be happy to assist you in making the decision.




* Disney Films may only be shown during certain time frames of the year. Please visit Swanks website for dates as they change each year.




I use state of the art equipment to produce the best possible experience for my customers!